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you know what you want in a skateboard, so why should you compromise? choose the length, width, and wheelbase of your deck, as well as the graphic. all orders are custom built for you. contact us  at or via facebook and instagram and we can make a deck to your exact specifications. 


A video about our signature deck, the convergence.

freeride on the convergence

Check out sam ivey, owner of ivey longboards, skate down a favorite neighborhood run

About Ivey Longboards


Ivey Longboards

skateboarding means something different to each of us. for me it is a release from the pressures and stress that life brings. I've met some of my best friends through skateboarding, and have had many great experiences. being able to share this with others through Ivey Longboards is an opportunity that I am very excited about. desinging, building,shaping, and painting decks is a wonderful and fulfilling process. to those who have skated or will skate one of my decks, I hope you enjoy it as much as i do. -Sam Ivey, Ivey Longboards


New and Innovative Design, 100% Hand Made

combining elements of top mounts and drop decks to create a truly unique riding experience. corner with precision, and slide with confidence.

every aspect of the deck is made by hand, from the press to the artwork. skateboarding is creative, and our products reflect this creativity.


Skater Owned and Operated

Ivey Longboards supports the downhill scene, and provides opportunity for local skaters and artists.


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